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XL2100RHS Lightweight Upright

XL2100RHS Lightweight Upright

Now with twice the power.

  • Goes from carpets to bare floors with no adjustments.
  • Redesigned to reduce clogs.
  • 40% longer motor life.

Regular Price: $214.95

Special Price: $199.95

XL PRO 5 Compact Canister Vacuum

XL PRO 5 Compact Canister Vacuum

So versatile it can go anywhere.

  • Carry it in your hand, or on your shoulder.
  • Compact, lightweight design.
  • Powerful high vortex motor.


SC3683 Commercial Canister

SC3683 Commercial Canister

Compact. Powerful. Proven.

  • Deluxe adjustable metal wands.
  • CRI Green Label certified.
  • HEPA filtration available.



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  • SuperValve Square Door Direct w/EZ-Flange White

    SuperValve Square Door Direct w/EZ-Flange White


    This Hayden Supervalve is made for Direct Connect attachment kits. The Supervalve combines all connections of a dual volt hose system in a single valve; Suction Connection, 12V Signal and 110V power brush electrics supply. With the Supervalve and a direct connect attachment set you need only plug the hose in to the wall valve to make all 3 connections, unlike standard connections where you must plug in the hose and also an electric cord to a near by electrical outlet. Supervalves may require the assistance of a qualified electrician during the installation to run cable to the box and wire in the connector. 12V signal wire and tube connections are the same as standard inlets. This valve has an attractive modern design. The valve includes both the face plate and mounting plate along with locking connector and screws - you do not need to order separate install plates for Supervalves. Color: White, sold 1 each. Also available in Almond color.

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  • Blueair 200/303  Series Particle Filter

    Blueair 200/303 Series Particle Filter


    The Blueair 200/300 Series Particle Filter is a replacement particle air filter that traps dirt, dust, pet dander, bacteria, mold spores, dust mites, and other airborne allergens.

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  • 12" Bottom Plate

    12" Bottom Plate


    Sanitaire 12" bottom plate. Fits many 12" wide Sanitaire commercial upright vacuums. NOTE: Does not fit SC899 (see 16" bottom plate).

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  • 6 Gallon Micro Allergen 3M

    6 Gallon Micro Allergen 3M


    3M Filtrete Bags designed to fit Nutone Central Vacuums. These are micro allergen bags.

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  • Washable HEPA 5700/5800 Series

    Washable HEPA 5700/5800 Series


    Genuine Eureka Washable HEPA Filter (1 pack). Fits Eureka LiteSpeed 5700 and 5800 Series Uprights.Eureka #61840.

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  • Handle Grip Frost White

    Handle Grip Frost White


    Sanitaire Handle Grip. For many Sanitaire commercial upright series vacuums.

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  • AirVac AVR12000

    AirVac AVR12000


    The Model AVR12000 Red Series Bagless Central Vacuum System is a bagless central vacuum power unit. The AVR12000 is modular in design with nested components that reduce storage space and shipping costs. The nested design also simplifies handling, installation and service. The AVR12000 has 570 peak air watt capacity and can be installed in homes up to 12,000 square feet. For installation flexibility, both the intake and exhaust ports can be connected from the left or right side. A front-mounted utility port allows easy connection of a hose directly to the power unit for local cleaning. The vacuum’s control panel has a power switch and power indicator. The power unit's permanent fabric filter provides filtration down to .1 micron diameter. The debris bucket on the bottom of the power unit holds up to 6 gallons of dust and dirt. Two easy-to-access swing-down latches secure the debris bucket and are used to remove the debris bucket for emptying. The central vacuum system’s power is controlled through a low-voltage wire that connects to each wall inlet valve. When a central vacuum hose is inserted into the wall inlet valve, two sensing pins in the valve connect to the trigger ring on the hose end. Some hoses have a solid trigger ring that electrically connects the valve’s sensing pins whenever the hose is inserted into the valve, which starts the vacuum. Other hoses have a split trigger ring that’s connected to a low-voltage control switch in the hose’s handle, allowing the operator to control the vacuum unit’s power. A foam-filled muffler is included for installation in the exhaust system piping. The muffler substantially reduces operating noise. Routing the vacuum’s exhaust through piping to outside the residence assures all remaining dust vents outside of the building. Features High-efficiency, two-stage filtration for superior cleaning High air watt rating while maintaining low operating noise Power indicator Bagless design with debris bucket, no bag to replace Power unit exhausts outside the living area so dust and dirt do not recirculate Hose can plug directly into vacuum at utility port for local cleaning See the chart below to find the right Airvac for you.

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  • HF8 Style MM HEPA

    HF8 Style MM HEPA


    Genuine Eureka MM HEPA Filter (1 pack). Fits Eureka Mighty Mite Models 3685, S3686 and 3695 Series. Eureka #60666B.

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  • PU-2



    Sharp PU-2 Paper Bags. 10 bags per pack.Fits most every model of Sharp Upright vacuum with Top-Fill bags. Including all upright model made since 1990. Some models that use PU2 bags: EC-12TBC, EC-12TWC, EC-12TWT4, EC-12TWT6, EC-12SXT5, EC-TU2607, EC-TU2609, EC-T2640, EC-T2650, EC-TU2807, EC-TU2809, EC-T2860, EC-TU4607, EC-TU4609, EC-TU4707, EC-TU4709, EC-TU4810, EC-TU4840, EC-TU5907, EC-TU5909, EC-TU5910, EC-T5980

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  • HealthMate Plus Series Air Cleaner

    HealthMate Plus Series Air Cleaner


    The Healthmate + is the preferred air unit those for those with chemical sensitivities.

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  • Stop Coupling

    Stop Coupling


    This fitting joins two pipes together continuously. Used to create straight pipe runs. Has a center stop to ensure both pipe ends get equal glue surface. All connections are FULL HUB type for direct fit into the pipe. Installing your central vacuum system is simple when using Vaculine fittings. Always a perfect fit, Vaculine fittings are of the highest quality, and they won't crack, break, bend or wear. Sold 1 each, white color.

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  • Filter Queen Canister Belt

    Filter Queen Canister Belt


    Made to fit all Filter Queen and Princess canisters power nozzles except Majestic anniversary. Belt is smooth on the inside (not geared). This belt replaces genuine filter queen belt OEM Part #48260 (1260000100).Sold each.

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